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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations at the SCR

Mid-Autumn Gift for Our Members

The SCR is giving out freshly in-house made custard mooncakes upon specified consumption amounts at Ming Pavilion from 1st September to 12th September as a Mid-Autumn gift for our members. 


Guests can enjoy one complimentary mooncake for every spending of HK$600 (before 10% service charge). For Executive Set Lunches, a mooncake is available at a discounted add-on price of HK$28 (before 10% service charge). Guests who order a la carte can enjoy an add-on price of HK$38 for each mooncake.


Our SCR mooncakes are subject to availability and for dine-in guests only.

Mid-Autumn Festive Menu | 月眀千里中秋宴


"月眀千里" describes the bright round moon in Mid-Autumn Festival, so what better to celebrate the occasion with an exquisite, chef-curated festive menu?

Mid Autumn Festival Menu_v2_22Aug-1.png

(Offered until 12 September 2022)

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