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More than 70 years of heritage


The first official record of Senior Common Room could be tracked to year 1948, from a humble room serving tea & coffee at the Main Building, to today at the top floor of KK Leung Building with a magnificent view of Victoria Harbour.


Image(s) Courtesy of the University Archives, Archives and Special Collections, University of Hong Kong Libraries​.

Nov 1948.jpg

Nov 1948 | The Idea

Dr. Duncan Sloss, The Vice-Chancellor (1937 to 1949), wrote a memo to The Senate in November 1948 about the idea of setting up a senior staff common room.  The space could come from office of The Registrar, Vice-Chancellor’s secretary and part of the Vice-Chancellor's office.

1948-1950 | The First Room

The Senate resolved to convert Vice-Chanellor's office into a Senior Staff Common Room in Dec 1948.

A floor plan in 1940 indicated “Senate & V.C’s Room” (highlighted in dotted red line) on the Ground Floor of University of Hong Kong Main Building.  The room was converted to Senior Common Room in 1950s.

Mar 1950.jpg

August 1950 |
Our First Chairman

Professor J. E. Driver was invited by The Senate as the first Staff Common Room Committee Chairman.

The Senate invited Dr. S. G. Davis as the 2nd Chairman in October 1950. 

July 1951 | The Beginning

Professor D. Barker was elected by The Senate as Chairman of Staff Common Room Committee in July 1951.  The Registrar requested the Committee to draw up regulations for the use of billiard table.

July 1951.jpg

1974 | Historical Location

In 1974, Senior Common Room was relocated to Hung Hing Ying Building.  The building was previously Union Building until 1946 and it was reconstructed in 1950.  It was renamed Hung Hing Ying Building in 1986. The two-storey classic revival red-brick building was declared a monument in 1995.

Mellor Room (4)_edited.jpg

March 1988 | Settling Down

To suit university developments and needs of the Clubhouse's blooming business, the Senior Common Room moved to KK Leung Building in 1988. KK Leung Building was brand-new at the time, with its 14-15/F built specifically to accomodate the Clubhouse. Decked with iconic university green flooring, elegant furnishings, dark-wood furniture served as the main accord of the space. 

ver2 - 1988 layout-1.jpg
ver2 - 1988 layout-2.jpg

March 1988 |
Opening Ceremony

 Our archives also hold precious memories from our 1988 Opening Ceremony after moving was complete. Professor Irving R.T.A, our Chairman in 1988-89, celebrated the milestone along with SCR staff Ms. Katherine Lee and Mr. Stanley Kong with new furnishings and facilities.

ver2 - 1988 Opening 2 .jpg
ver2 - 1988 Opening 1.jpg

A decadent golden dragon cake was used to mark the joyous occasion of the 1988 Opening Ceremony. Our chefs and staff members made sure to capture the historical moment in this picture from our archives.

June 2011 | 60th Anniversary

Our 60th Anniversary Dinner was held on June 3, 2011 (Friday) in KK Leung Building. We were delighted to have Professor Lap-Chee Chui, 2002-2014 Vice Chancellor, and Dr. Daniel Churchill, Chairman of SCR in 2011, at the monumental occasion. 

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