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Become a member of Senior Common Room

Membership Application Form

Please select your membership category:

Full time staff at TOS1 / Band G-J / Wardens of Residential Halls and Colleges

HK$ 132 / month

Ordinary Member joining with spous

HK$ 200 / month

ineligible for Ordinary membership but directly associated with the University

(e.g. visiting scholars, members of the Court and the Council of the university)

HK$ 132 / month

For pre-existing Ordinary members only

HK$ 40 / month

Ineligible for Ordinary and Associate membership but has sufficient connection with the University

HK$ 132 / month

(Existing SCR Ordinary Member)

*Visiting hours for Affiliate Member - Monday to Friday after 15:00, weekend and public holiday

Please fillin the below if you are applying for Joint membershi pfor your spouse (Applicable to Ordinary members only):

Declaration, Terms and Conditions (please tick the)

I hereby apply for the membership of the Senior Common Room (SCR). I agree to be bound by and comply with the constitution and bye-law of the SCR. I understand that membership fees will be charged on a yearly basis and termination is not applicable within the first month’s subscription. I will give at least one-month written notice in writing of my intention to terminate my membership. I understand that the personal data provided in this form will be used internally for the SCR membership database and marketing purposes only. I undertake to pay the SCR promptly upon receipt of a payment notice via the university’s Online Payment System (OPS) or any other payment method with my email provided above on a pro-rata basis. Application forms will be subject to Executive Committee approval.

Thank you for your application.

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