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14/F Restaurant

Opening Hours


Monday – Sunday | 11:30am - 3:00pm

14/F, KK Leung Building


Chinese Cuisine


3910 2933

Enjoy dim sum and Chinese cuisine at 14/F , perfect for business luncheons and informal gatherings. A la carte menu is available for selection.

Chef Yeung Ying Hung

Chef Yeung Ying Hung has more than 20 years of cooking experience upon his graduation from the Chinese Culinary Institute. He has been a Chef in numerous large-scale projects held in New York, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, etc. Beginning his career in 2006, Chef Yeung perfected his culinary skills in the ‘Man Wah’ Restaurant of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong, and the ‘Fortune Room’ of the Happy Valley Clubhouse of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. In 2012, he exhibited his culinary skills at the Bordeaux Wine Festival held by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.


Between 2015 and 2017, Chef Yeung was the in charge of cooking Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes at the Studio City Macau, and was invited by Mott 32 to attend the Singapore Food Expo. In 2018, Chef Yeung has been promoted to Head Chef. He served as the Head Chef and Senior Chef of the VIP Lounge at the HEXA in Tsim Sha Tsui, and the China Resources (Holdings) Group. Chef Yeung has accumulated many years of experience and superb culinary skills.


Having Chef Yeung definitely helps bring forth an extraordinary dining experience to the Senior Common Room at the University of Hong Kong.

Chef Wong Fong Kei

Chef Wong Fong Kei has accumulated more than 40 years of culinary experience and has served as the Head Chef of many prestigious restaurants and catering groups. Earlier in his career, he worked in the restaurants of Maxim's Group, Yaohan International Catering Group and Tao Heung Group.


With his excellent culinary skills, Chef Wong served as the Head Chef in numerous well-known restaurants during 2001 to 2015, such as ‘Shanghai Lu Yang Cun Restaurant’, ‘Shanghai Min’ and ‘Chao Meng Lai’ China Hotel in Tokyo, etc.


Between 2014 and 2015, he served at the Government House in Hong Kong. Later, he was invited to serve as the Head Chef and private catering consultant of national business clubhouses.


Chef Wong is devoted in cooking traditional and fusional Cantonese, Sichuan and Shanghai cuisines. He insists on using authentic ingredients to create unique dishes.

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